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Wardrobe 101

If you are like me, I’m sure you have heard or even said at least one of these comments: “The days of wearing a suit are gone.” “Casual Friday? It’s casual week in our office. No one cares how you dress.” “Appearances are irrelevant, the only thing that matters are results.” Not only are all of these statements untrue, but I’m here to tell you that whether it is for work, a wedding, holidays, date night, etc, the way that you dress leaves a lasting impression on those around you.

Dress to Fit Your Body Type

No matter what your body type, proper-fitting clothes are essential to being a well-dressed man. A common mistake made by men is wearing oversized clothing in an effort to bulk up or even slim down visually, and instead of attaining the well dressed look, what you get is a sloppy mess. When deciding what to buy in the first place, choose body-skimming dress shirts and tees that allow some movement in the fabric. Make sure you check the label on your shirts too, avoiding anything that contains elastic as these garments tend to stick too closely to your body rather than gliding over it. For a similar reason, skinny jeans should also be banished from your closet as they will either make you look malnourished or like you’re wearing leggings — neither of which is attractive on a man.

Colors and patterns

Where color coordination is concerned, wearing all of one or, more specifically, dark colors like black from head to toe will emphasize your body frame. Although this might work for some, this doesn’t work for all. Take advantage of breaking up your outfit when you can with lighter hues here and there such as white, light-gray and pale-blue.There are a few tricks you can use to play up your assets and minimize the things you don’t like about your body. First off, you should know that horizontal stripes make people look larger, which goes completely against that of conventional fashion wisdom. Opt, therefore, for dress shirts, T-shirts, blazers, and suit pants with a vertical stripe pattern. For suits and dress pants, pinstripes are a classic, flattering choice. For patterned shirts, such as plaid or windowpane, midsize patterns are much more flattering than smaller ones.

Building your wardrobe

Steven Gantt
With regards to the particular pieces, men should have hanging in their closet single-button and two-button jackets for smart-casual occasions, while double-breasted blazers are your best friend for dressier events. In terms of outerwear, jackets that cover your rear should feature more heavily in your wardrobe than cropped jackets. Crew necks are a better choice than V-necks, and in cold weather, feel free to add turtlenecks into your winter wardrobe. You can also enjoy the benefits of layering — namely, that you stay warmer but look cooler. Lastly, have fun experimenting with fabrics — heavy tweeds, corduroys and anything with a chunky-knit texture are good examples that look fantastic on a man. So when you are picking out what to wear, remember, you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. In our fast paced society, a book’s cover can be just as important as its content. Of course, appearances are not everything. However, in a competitive world it pays to understand the importance of your clothing. Investing the proper resources into your personal presentation will multiply your ability to succeed. These great tips came from our friend Jamie. Check out her blog at I Look Good Today. Photos: Pigtails & Mohawks | Steven Gantt
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