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Vintage Advertisements: Men's Interest

While men’s style has changed quite a bit over the centuries, there are some styles that have transcended time -- especially where hats are concerned. Likewise, men’s interests have withstood the test of time, only becoming more expansive with ever-changing innovation. From cars to clothing and beyond, the following vintage advertisements display the ever-dapper interests of man over time. Side note: We think these ads would look perfect printed out, framed, and hanging on the walls of a mancave.

1924 berteil cap advertisement1924 Berteil Caps

No worries if you can't read French. This advertisement is for none other than hats. This stately gent is sporting a pipe and a stylish newsboy cap much like this Stetson Beane Wool Longshoreman Cap. Not necessarily a style you see everyday, the newsboy can easily be pulled off today with a weekend blazer, casual tee, and jeans.

1944 western ammunition advertisement

1944 Western Ammunition

In 1944, World War II was in full-swing, and this type of advertisement was likely in periodicals on a regular basis. This one for Western Ammunition states, “In Peace and in War, America Relies on Western.” Comparing a military hero with an average civilian, this ad appealed to a sympathetic crowd. Hey, how about the Indiana Jones-style hat on the hunter above? Any 21st century guy can pull one off today with a pair of jeans, a button-down, and a leather jacket.

1943 bvd men's wear advertisement

1943 BVD Men’s Wear

Also making an appearance during the Second World War, this Father’s Day ad for B.V.D. Men’s Wear appeals to the deployed, as well as those at home. It displays the styles of the time including everything from work clothes to sleepwear. We really love the military cap on the war plant worker at the bottom right. The Dobbs French Twill Fatigue Cap is definitely a look-alike and perfect for everyday street-wear.

1983 stetson fall hats

1938 Stetson Fall Hats

Around this time in 1938, this ad graced the pages of newspapers and magazines. Featuring the slogan, “Step Out with a Stetson,” this ad features “the world’s favorite hat” in stylish rod-and-gun colors. Both the Stetson Pisa Cashmere Blend Fedora and the Stetson Temple Fur Felt Fedora look very similar to those in the ad above. Fedoras are still very fashionable today for both men and women, growing especially popular this past spring and summer, and continuing pace into the cooler months. These are a perfect fall accessory!

1895 hart schaffner & mart advertisement

1895 Hart Schaffner & Marx Tailor Made Suits

This ad goes waaaay back -- all the way back to the menswear of 1895! Featuring the “best-looking, neatest fitting” Hart Schaffner & Marx Tailor Made Suits, this ad features a few different hats, including the popular bowler style. Make a statement with this Christys’ of London Hand Made Fur Felt Bowler Derby hat, perfect for dressing up your suits this season!

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