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How to Add Personality to Your Wedding Tux

This is the season. The season for good times, good barbeque, and, of course, the celestial celebration of your best buds and relatives getting hitched. Yes, that’s right, it’s wedding season, and what’s a wedding without a tuxedo that not only makes you look like a million bucks, but also shows off your own personality? Finding a tux that suits you, not only in size, but also personality, is something that’s easy to do. To start out, take a couple tips from some A-list celebrities, like Andrew Garfield and Hugh Jackman. Even though you won’t be strutting about a red carpet parade in your tux like the celebs, it’s good to pay attention if you go the classic, black-tie style.

Andrew Garfield and Hugh Jackman

Seen here at the Tony’s, Andrew Garfield and Hugh Jackman are both rocking a peak lapel tuxedo. Andrew, with his slimmer body shape, chose a tux with slimmer lapels and more defining shoulders, helping shape his body. Hugh, on the other hand, wears his tux with broader lapels and a more natural shoulder to nicely complement his build. You too can make a tux fit your style by choosing between lapels and the fit of the shoulders.

Don’t forget about the tie. It’s another way to put a subtle touch of you into your tux. Andrew picked up a long, skinny tie as a more modern approach to the whole dressing up scenario. Hugh, on the other hand, stuck with tradition and went with the bow tie. Another way to put your spin on a wedding tux is to break from the traditional black-tie approach. Who ever said wedding tuxedos have to be black? Throw a little -- or a lot -- of color into your tux to show what you can bring to the table. Color can be brought in through a vest and tie coordination -- or the whole suit itself. But be conscious before you decide, because the wrong color could mean disaster.
wedding tie This groom, in a grey tux, chose to personalize his look with a patterned shirt and blue tie.
Finally, you can always add a little something on top. What better way to get noticed than by wearing a fedora. Cover your head with a Bailey of Hollywood or a nice Stetson if going to a southern wedding. Either one will be sure to get you noticed and certainly will reflect who you are for everyone to see.
cowboy hat wedding Cowboy hats can help tie together a country-themed wedding.
How do you personalize your wedding tuxes?

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