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The Adventurous Man

We've got a guest blogger today! Kate, from The Brown Umbrella, offers her suggestions on how to convey that "adventurous man" look.
  1. Bright Colors, especially blues and rust, are must if you are looking to make a bold statement this year. Men who wear this trend exude confidence and style, and it can be done in whatever scale makes you comfortable. Some looks on the runway were head-to-toe brights, but I don’t know many men who could pull that off in real life, so maybe just incorporate the trend with one piece or even just in an accent accessory like a pocket square or shoelaces.
  2. I am mesmerized by how modern rolled up trousers make suits look, especially when paired with a fitted tee. If you do not need to wear a suit everyday, you can roll up your chinos or jeans and pair it with a sleek blazer or a chunky knit. This may be my favorite trend off the spring runways for men because it is sexy in its ability to be dressed up, yet casual.
  3. Boat shoes have gotten an update this season by using prints and unique textures like straw and tweed to the top panel of them. It is definitely a way to make a special sort of statement, and much more comfortable in the heat of the spring and summer than the other big shoe trend for men, military boots. I love the idea of pairing these shoes with a button down and shorts. boat shoes
  4. Another big thing that I love this season is juxtaposition of pieces with innovative cuts and vintage silhouettes. It is nice because of how much freedom it gives you to personalize each outfit. The vintage silhouettes can be found in new pieces, or even out of your grandfather’s attic or a thrift store (they are the best places to find one of a kind pieces, but make sure you get the pieces tailored to fit you). I love a man in a well fitting vintage piece; even vintage accessories are a great option if you are unsure of how the tailoring should be done.
  5. Tribal and Baja prints are so exciting this season because they are being used in unexpected ways. They are used on shoes, pants, cardigans… everything. The geometric tribal prints are very masculine and easy to style along with any of your basics.
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