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Mad Men Style: Betty Francis

Betty Francis Inspired Fashion: How to Get the Look! The frosty Betty Francis has had an emotional journey on the show, but she hasn't waivered from her Grace Kelly-inspired style. This blonde beauty chooses feminine shapes, iconic prints, and classic hair and makeup to complete her timeless, ladylike look. And although her life isn't always glamorous, she sure can pull off a pair of pearls, a party dress, and a perfectly-lined pout like nobody's business. Need some real life Betty inspiration? We've enlisted fashion bloggers Fleur of Diary of a Vintage Girl, Joanne of Stitch and Witter, Leea of Vintage Follies, and Julie Bobbin of JuliaBobbin to show off their classic Betty attire and answer a few questions:

Click through the pictures for more on each lady's look.

Betty Francis Inspired Fashion: Fleur of Diary of a Vintage Girl

What do you love about vintage style?

Joanne: “What’s not to like? Vintage style allows you to not just assemble a totally unique look, but you also get to enjoy amazing tailoring and couture details that many high street clothes simply don’t feature anymore. The joy of vintage styling is that you can dial it up or down as you need to -- a jaunty ’50s silk scarf with a breton top and boyfriend jeans can look timeless but modern, while a full on wiggle dress turns vintage glamour up to the max. It’s the most fun you can have with your clothes on!”
Leea: "Vintage is an endless inspiration for me, from clothing to accessories to furniture. There's always something 'new' and amazing to find. In clothing, my favourite decades are the '30s, '40s, and '50s in all their detail, cut, and material. I really love how the garments were cut to compliment the wearer and how much time and effort was put to their construction. Also, the materials are something that, sadly, can not be found any more today. Those decades, to me, are all about femininity; the liquid bias cut materials of the '30s cling to the body, at the same time hiding it and revealing it all, and the late '40s and '50s accentuated waists, full skirt, and wiggle dresses. I especially love the head wear of the '40s -- so sculptural! I also love the delicate design of the footwear and the care and effort that was put to the hair and makeup."
Julie: “I love how vintage styles celebrate the feminine form and accentuate a woman’s shape. The style makes you feel beautiful, polished, sexy, and confident, but without showing too much flesh. It’s subtle but powerful and makes you feel like a woman.” Betty Francis Mad Men Style: Vintage Follies

What is your favorite cocktail or beverage?

Joanne: “It had to be a Long Island Iced Tea. Knock me up one of these Highballs, and make it a big one bartender!” Leea: "I do love a glass of good Cabernet Sauvignon!" Julie: “A Long Island Iced Tea! It’s sweet, sour, refreshing, and from the home of Mad Men -- New York!" Find recipes for the Long Island Iced Tea and more in our Mad Men Beverage Guide! Betty Francis Inspired Fashion: Joanne of Stitch and Witter

What do you think is our most Betty-worthy hat?

Betty Francis inspired hats Stitch Hats Daisy Straw Garbo Hat Betmar Opal Wool Cloche Stitch Hats Iris Toyo Straw Garbo Hat
Joanne: “The Daisy Straw Garbo Hat is my pick for Betty circa Season 1. It's fresh and bright like most of her at-home wardrobe in that season." Leea: "I don't see Betty wearing hats on many occasions, except perhaps to a Sunday church or day at the beach with the kids. I find Betty quite conservative in her outfit choices, so I would go with something classic. This Iris Toyo Straw Garbo Hat would be perfect for a day out at the beach." Julie: “The Betmar Opal Wool Cloche." A special thanks to Fleur, Joanne, Leea, and Julie for chatting with us!

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