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7 Top Spring Trends for Men

Bold patterns, pastel colors, lightweight fabrics, and relaxed styles are the centerpieces to every gentleman's closet for spring. But which spring staples are the manliest must-haves for 2013? We've conquered every runway and street trend to bring you the most wearable pieces of the season. Each is comfortable, cool, and a definite ego-boost for your wardrobe. Read on, and snag a few pieces for yourself this spring. spring 2013 trend report Men's Spring 2013 ClothingTrends


Men's Trends Spring 2013: Loafers

Guys, these are not your grandpa's shoes. Loafers are making a big comeback this year, and they're perfect for spring. Cuff your jeans or roll up your chinos to show off a sleek pair that fits your personality -- whether you like them loud or are a little more classic. Go sans socks on sunny days, and when the temperature drops at night, pair them with printed socks.

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Men's Spring 2013 Trends: Military

From bomber jackets to camouflage everything, the military trend was all over the Spring/Summer 2013 runways. For rugged sex appeal, try a leather motorcycle or bomber jacket over a cotton t-shirt. For those of you looking for something a little more rustic, opt for a camouflage jacket or cargo vest (take a tip from our Man of Style's cargo look) and mix it up with tribal prints or a plaid button-down. For more on the items above, click here.


Men's Spring Fashion: Nautical Trend

Warmer weather means boating season, so it's no surprise that the luxury seafaring look is a spring staple. We like how versatile this trend is -- you can go all-out in nautical wear from head to toe, or simply throw on a preppy watch or boat shoes instead. Just make sure to top it off with a bucket hat, which is the hat of the season for spring. (And pack a flask of Captain for your swashbuckling crew, too.) For more on the items above, click here.

Linen & Khaki Suits

Men's Spring 2013 Style: Linen and Khaki Suits

From Michael Bastain to Michael Kors, linen and khaki suits walked down every runway this season. Lighten up your heavy winter suits and sportscoats with lightweight materials in neutral shades, which are perfect for a spring wedding and a trip to the office. Pair your linen/khaki suit with a light blue or white button-down and a pastel tie for a timeless look. For more on the items above, click here.

Denim & Chambray

Men's 2013 Spring Trends: Chambray & Denim

Sure, button-downs are always a staple, but chambray or denim fabrics are the best way to freshen them up for spring. When wearing chambray or denim on top, beware of wearing jeans on bottom -- it'll look better if you opt for chinos or colored shorts, instead. This piece is meant to be worn in a relaxed setting, so don't be afraid to layer it over your favorite t-shirt, roll up the sleeves, and declare this as your weekend uniform. For more on the items above, click here.

Colored Shorts

Men's Spring 2013 Trends: Colored Shorts

After months of black, brown, and grey pants, it's time to add a little color to your spring shorts. Try chino styles in all different shades, like orange, red, blue, yellow, green, and pink. This trend isn't just for the adventurous type -- so shy guys, try this out, too. Trust us, you'll look good. For more on the items above, click here.

Navy Blazer

Men's Spring 2013 Trend: The Navy Blazer

There's nothing better than a navy blazer. It goes with everything in your spring wardrobe and puts your winter coat to shame. Plus, it's the perfect way to cover up when temperatures drop during the unpredictable months of March through May. For a complete guide on how to wear the navy blazer this spring, read here. For more on the items above, click here. Back to Men's Style Guide Image sources: Polyvore
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