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Justin of Scout Sixteen

As part of our Seasonal Style Guide, we've scoured our favorite men's fashion blogs to bring you inspiration for your man-drobe each season. Every spring, summer, winter, and fall, we'll be highlighting the most dapperly-dressed dudes in our Man of Style series -- and interviewing them about their personal style. Man of Style Scout Sixteen - Justin Livingston First up is the crazy-cool Justin Livingston of Scout Sixteen. What makes this New York-based blogger our Spring Man of Style? He's mastered the art of mixing charming classic and vintage pieces, while playing with color, patterns, texture, and accessories (think bowties and backwards caps) to put a fresh spin on the typical jeans, tee, and sweater combo. Plus, he's got a lot of lady friends who ask for style advice -- and has the guts to actually give it to them. Take a look at his copy-worthy clothes, get inspired for spring, and learn about what makes his style so unique. *Click through the images to see more pictures from Justin's posts. Scout Sixteen - Justin Livingston Describe your personal style in 5 words or less. Classic with a twist. Scout Sixteen Thanksgiving What is the one item in your spring wardrobe that you can't live without? I have this amazing grey varsity jacket with black leather sleeves. It’s such a preppy piece but the leather sleeves make it far more edgy. Blogger Justin Livingston of Scout Sixteen Who are your style icons? I don’t necessarily idolize any one person’s style, but I admire those who understand their personality and dress to reflect it. Scout Sixteen - Justin Livingston What's the best piece of fashion advice anyone has ever given you? Fashion may gain a following, but style follows a leader. New York Men's Fashion Blogger Justin Livingston - Scout Sixteen If you could only wear one color for the rest of your life, what would you choose? Navy blue. It can literally mesh seamlessly with any color. Blogger Justin Livingston of Scout Sixteen What's your favorite style of hat and why? I’m a big fan of straw fedoras -- they can last for decades. My grandfather has had the same straw fedora for 42 years -- I only hope I can hold on to mine for that long! I'm really diggin' this straw fedora. Mens Fashion Blogger Justin Livingston of Scout 16 A big thanks to Justin for taking the time to talk and for sharing his pictures with us. Be sure to check him out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, too! Back to Men's Style Guide
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