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Packing for Men: Five Stylish Essentials

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Travelling in style is no longer a novel concept applicable solely to the fairer sex – men are jumping on the bandwagon and making a conscious effort to also present themselves in the best light when they’re out of town. Putting that into consideration, we’ve compiled a list of wardrobe essentials that every man should have in his luggage, whether he’s flying off for a business trip or a weekend getaway.


A good pair of shades is a must-have in every man’s travel bag. Whether it’s to shield your eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays or to conceal the fact that you look like a panda after enduring unbearable hours of jetlag, a pair of shades can make you look effortlessly cool. It’s definitely a fashion accessory that marriages functionality and style.


A watch says a lot about you – it implies that you’re responsible and disciplined because you keep track of time, and the specific look you don is a good indicator of your personal style. For the purpose of practicality, wear a watch with multiple time zones. This ensures that you’re not an hour late for an important meeting because you’re not in sync with local time.

Black Blazer

For an instant transformation from casual daywear to semiformal nightwear, just layer your clothes with a blazer. Not only would you score well in the style department, you’ll also stay warm when roaming the streets on a windy night or having dinner at an air-conditioned restaurant. As you don’t want to add unnecessary bulk to your luggage, just bring along one black blazer – it’s easy to match with any outfit.

Leather Sling Bag

More often than not, you’ll need a bag to carry all your essential items when you’re sightseeing at a holiday destination or meeting clients at a café for lunch. Unless you don’t mind looking like a haggard globetrotter with a jam-packed backpack in tow, you’ll want something that is compact and stylish. Try a leather sling bag on for size. It allows for easy accessibility to all of your belongings and the sleek material looks good against a plain t-shirt or sharp suit. Its cross-body strap also discourages snatch thieves from targeting you.

Leather Ankle Boots

Flip-flops are convenient for daily wear and storage in your luggage; but, you also need to prepare for the possibility that you might need more formal footwear during your trip. Black or brown leather ankle boots come highly-recommended because they can be worn with jeans for sightseeing or with formal pants as you conquer the central business district. About the Author: Arman is a travel writer at He is Singaporean - born and bred - which means he's very accustomed to punctuating his sentences with terms like “lah” or “lor” and having roti prata (delightful fried dough typically enjoyed with curry) for breakfast. Follow Arman on Twitter or connect with him on Google+. Image sources:,,,,,
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