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Men's Fashion: Mix & Match Style

Are you a man of style? The great thing about men’s fashion is that you have the freedom to be bold, edgy, and take chances, with less of a chance of being criticized. One stylish trend that many men often fear is the mixing and matching of prints and patterns. The key is to not be afraid and have confidence in your look. Of course, it can be easy to become overconfident and end up looking like mismatched holiday wrapping. Fortunately for you, we’ve got some tips for pulling off this look with ease. Are you paying attention? You may want to write this down...

men's style

Implement a Solid When attempting to mix and match prints and patterns, ties and outerwear are the easiest (and safest) way to achieve the look, but be sure to implement a solid piece as well. This breaks up the look while giving them a cohesive palate. Opt for a paisley tie, solid colored V-neck sweater and a plaid peacoat, or a plaid button-up shirt and horizontally striped tie.

Stick with One Pattern Another great tip for mixing patterns is to stick with one pattern of varying size. For example, stripes on stripes or gingham on gingham. Just be sure that the size or colors of the pattern vary. This will add dimension and tie the pieces together for a clean look. If you are going to use more than one pattern, we recommend not implementing more than two or three into a single look. Stick with the One Tone As previously mentioned, it can be easy to overdo this look, especially when color comes into play. Stick with one tone of different hues or shades such as light and dark blue. You may choose to implement multiple colors but be sure to keep it subtle, and always implement a neutral!

men's style

Be bold and mix it up! I know we just said to stick with one pattern, but if you feel truly confident and trust your fashion sense (we know you have it in you), take a chance and mix varying patterns. Mix and match stripes with florals or gingham with plaid. In the photo above, this stylish chap mixes gingham, stripes, and even paisley. Very different, yet very stylish. So if think you are ready to step outside the box and give this look a try, remember: be bold, mix it up, and be confident!

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