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Men's Summer Fashion: Bring on the Color

With summer right around the corner, it’s time to update your wardrobe. This year, nothing says warm weather more than a color scheme of wide variety.

guys colored pants

The fashion editors at Esquire magazine say that summer style for 2012 is going to make use of the whole spectrum of hues, introducing some new colors to your closet such as moss, mustard, pool blue, and rust. These colors will help you mix and match what Esquire’s editors call the only four items of clothing a man needs during summer: a blazer, shirt, pants, and shoes. Match your shirt with your shoes, or offset your blazer and pants. Either way, brighten up your style with a little color. Also this summer, men's style is looking to conquer the concrete jungle by incorporating the traditional safari style into an urban setting. Levi’s is breaking new ground with its recent line of clothing called the Commuter, directed at urban dwellers who make their daily commutes via bicycle. With a variation of jackets and pants designed with special reinforcements and stretch fabric using nanosphere, these items will last you longer than just one summer.
levis commuter jeans
The other half of the safari style is bringing in different shades of green. From olive to sea green, mixing it up will keep you looking as though you're ready for adventure, even in the heart of the city. For those who like looking sharp on the job, don’t be afraid of sweating when you suit up. Ermenegildo Zenya created a new line of “Zero Weight Suits.” Made from ultra fine silk, these suits weigh a fraction of your typical, lightweight formal wear. However, you can still keep it classy without the suit. Pairing up your chino’s with an unlined, cotton blazer is another way to take the weight off your shoulders. Finally, summertime means summer shoes. Adding color to your shoes can create new combinations in your style. With shorts coming back, ditch the socks and grab a pair of canvas shoes or slip ons. But don’t forget to clean and powder your feet before wearing them. This will prevent your feet from sweating, saving you from having some rotten shoes. Summer is all about relaxing and having fun -- make sure your closet reflects this! Image source: 1, 2
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