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Men's Spring Break Style

Men's Spring Break Style

Even if you don't get a spring break (some of us have to work...), you can still dress the part. These breezy, preppy looks are perfect for barbecues, a quick hike with your dog, or brunch with your girl on the patio.

Up Top

sweaters and jackets It's not summer yet, so you'll probably need something to keep you warm. Blazers are a classic go-to, and they're all over this spring's Banana Republic Mad Men line. If you don't have a blazer, or want something different, opt for a chunky sweater. They'll keep you warm, they're easy to take off if you get too hot, and girls love cuddling with these.

In the Middle

shorts Bright pops of color are in for both guys and gals this spring. Mix it up a little by wearing color in your shorts. You can wear an equally bold color up top, or you can keep it neutral and let the color of your shorts do the talking. Belt them or not, it's up to you, just don't let them sag.

On the Bottom

men's shoes Going along with the preppy trend we've got here, you can add to this look with some loafters or plain canvas shoes. To do a good thing, and wear some of the most comfortable shoes out there, grab a pair of Toms. Sandals work, too, just make sure your feet are prepared. You're never too manly for a pedicure, and girls hate looking at gross guy feet. It's worth it.

Something Extra

fedoras Fedoras are coming back big time, probably thanks to Mad Men, but also because they're impeccably stylish. Men have been wearing hats and fedoras for over a century, and they're back. They key to looking great in one is to pick a style that's flattering to your head and face shape, and making sure it fits. Hat sizing charts can easily determine this for you to make sure you don't become a "fedora fail."
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