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Lately from Our Favorite Bloggers...

We rounded up fall and winter outfits and style tips from some of our favorite bloggers. From tartan to corduroy, we hope these guys provide you a little style inspiration:

The Silentist blogger

Kiyoshi Martinez from The Silentist wore elephant-patterned Bonobos pants for election day. He paired these political-party-appropriate pants with a lambswool sweater, a button-down, a tie, blue socks, and horse bit loafers. Fantastic!

plaid jacket

On his blog A Headlong Dive, Jeremiah Simmons shared a little history about appropriate-for-fall blackwatch tartan. This black, blue, and green plaid is named for the Royal Highlanders who policed fighting against the throne in Scotland during the 18th century. They were dubbed the Black Watch because of their black, blue, and green tartan, which served as camouflage in the forests. Check out our blue, black, green, and red plaid-ribboned trilby.

men's style pro blogger

Sabir Peele from Men's Style Pro showed us how to pull off a three-piece corduroy suit, which is a big trend this fall and winter. Today's corduroy suit has thinner ridges in the fabric (known as wale) and sports a more modern cut, but still provides good warmth and style for winter. Sabir wore the suit five different ways, but our favorite was the blazer and trousers paried with a turtleneck, fedora, boots, and pocket square.

wardrobe maintenance tips

Will Boehlke from A Suitable Wardrobe shared handy wardrobe maintenance tips from Barry Pullen. For example, cut your fingernails at night to avoid snagging woven ties, administer alcohol with a cotton ball to your neck to remove oil and save your collars, and clean out trouser cuffs once or twice a year.

Know of any style blogs that we should check out? Please share them in the comments!

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