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What Men Think About Women's Fashion

Let’s just get one thing straight. You may not care what anyone thinks about how you dress, but I'm here to give you honest wardrobe feedback from a male perspective. But no matter if you heed my advice or not, I recommend always wearing what makes you feel your best. Ladies, you have more opportunities in your own closet than us guys have at the local mall. But there are some styles that shouldn't make it out the door. It may be a good place to start things off by making sure you know what year it is...2012. When the 70s and 80s died out, we thought most of the unconventional styles of the decades would too. Guess we were wrong. With that said, long skirts coming back is something that shouldn’t have happened. When a guy sees a woman in a long skirt, all we can think is that you go dancing around in a field of daisies while listening to the Grateful Dead, only to drive away in your circa 1970s VW van. Also, we tend to wonder if you have been shaving your legs, and we really do love smooth legs.

Asos Maxi SkirtAsos skirt.

As for the 80’s, leggings as pants was okay then, but now, it shouldn’t happen. Men can’t get enough of a sleek, tight fit, but leggings as pants just don’t do the trick. We aren’t saying throw out all of your leggings, just wear them under a dress or skirt.

Women also seem to be having this infatuation with Aztec/Native American designs, whether printed on a t-shirt or incorporated into a dress. This can only leave us with two ideas: either you believe in all that world is ending in 2012 stuff, or you’re in some way, shape, or form Native American. But when you’re whiter than our bed sheets, we know this isn’t true. Patterns are great, but unless you're willing to all call yourself a hipster, I’d suggest going with something else.

Asos Aztec ShirtAsos top.

Finally, whether we admit it or not, men are mostly simple minded when it comes to fashion styles, and you all know that. We love the classics, the little black dress, or a pair of skinny jeans. This doesn’t mean you need to completely dumb down your closet for us. There are plenty of simple styles you can use as a base to create an eye catching or jaw-dropping look, particularly using well-picked accessories.

Guys, what women's fashion trends do you wish would go away? Ladies, do you disagree with my picks?

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