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Mad Men Style: Roger Sterling

Mad Men Modern Style: Roger Sterling Notorious womanizer and excessive drinker, Roger Sterling never fails to bring on the wisecracks and the charm. When it comes to style, Roger always pulls of an impeccable, old fashioned, bon vivant style, that's also a tad playful -- he'll throw on a polka-dotted tie for kicks or add a couple more peaks in his pocket square. Roger stays true to his double-breasted jackets, three-piece suits (don't forget the vest), and consistent love for a good grey suit. In search of a modern take on Roger's attire? We've asked men's style bloggers Sean of *fruitpunch, Dan of TSBmen, Tim of Stay Classic, and Kiyoshi of The Silentist to share their best Sterling style and answer a few questions:

Click through the pictures for more on each man's style.

Mad Men Inspired Style: Roger SterlingMad Men Inspired Style: Roger Sterling

What do you love about vintage style?

Sean: "I love vintage style because I love clothing with a story -- preferably not a prefabricated one. My passion is for garments with integrity and purpose that stand the test of time. I love vintage style for its continued relevance to the way we dress today and the inspiring ways that older silhouettes and fabrications inform current designers and trends." Tim: "I am interested in vintage style because before the '70s, people basically wore suits and nice dresses most of the time. You didn't need an excuse to 'get dressed up' to go out, you just did it. The whole time period seemed more elegant and thoughtful." Mad Men Inspired Style: Roger SterlingModern Mad Men Style: Roger Sterling

What is your favorite cocktail or beverage?

Sean: "My favorite cocktail is red wine. ;)" Tim: "I am a fan of gin and whisky-based drinks. Your basic gin and tonic is fine with me, and I appreciate an Old Fashioned or scotch/bourbon/rye on the rocks." Find a gin and tonic recipe and more in our Mad Men Beverage Guide! Mad Men Don Draper Style Mad Men Don Draper Style

What do you think is our most Roger-worthy hat?

Roger Sterling inspired hats Stetson Inwood Fur Felt Fedora Hat Frank Sinatra Got You Under My Skin Fedora Stetson Pisa Cashmere Blend Fedora
Tim: "The Stetson Pisa Cashmere Fedora." Sean: "The Frank Sinatra Fedora." Team: The Stetson Inwood Felt Fedora. A special thanks to Tim, Dan, Sean, and Kiyoshi for sharing their photos and chatting with us!

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