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Mad Men Style: Peggy Olson

Peggy Olson Mad Men Style Inspiration Innocent, determined Peggy Olson has made quite the fashion -- and career -- transformation throughout the Mad Men series. Since arriving at Sterling Cooper as a scared girl with spaced-out bangs, uptight curls, and frumpy silhouettes, Peggy has grown into a mature, strong-willed woman with tailored dresses and suits, ladylike toppers, and coiffed 'dos. Need some real life Peggy inspiration? We've enlisted fashion boggers Fleur of Diary of a Vintage Girl, Joanne of Stitch and Witter, Pauline of Dessine-moi un bouton, and Julie Bobbin of JuliaBobbin to show off their loveliest Peggy attire and answer a few questions:

Click through the pictures for more on each lady's look.

Real life Peggy Olson Style Inspiration: Fleur McGerr

What do you love about vintage style?

Joanne: "What's not to like? Vintage style allows you to not just assemble a totally unique look, but you also get to enjoy amazing tailoring and couture details that many high street clothes simply don't feature anymore. The joy of vintage styling is that you can dial it up or down as you need to -- a jaunty '50s silk scarf with a breton top and boyfriend jeans can look timeless but modern, while a full-on wiggle dress turns vintage glamour up to the max. It's the most fun you can have with your clothes on!" Pauline: "I do not own a lot of vintage clothes, mostly bags and hats, but most of what I sew is a vintage reproduction or with a retro inspiration. I am especially in love with the '50s and '60s fashion, which for me represent femininity, seduction, and it's so full of colours and patterns. Dressing (and sewing my own clothes) in that style is a way for me to show my personality and originality. "
Julie: "I love how vintage styles celebrate the feminine form and accentuate a woman's shape. The style makes you feel beautiful, polished, sexy, and confident, but without showing too much flesh. It's subtle but powerful and makes you feel like a woman."
Real life Peggy Olson Style Inspiration: Joanne of Stitch and WitterReal life Peggy Olson Style Inspiration: Pauline

What is your favorite cocktail or beverage?

Joanne: "It's got to be a Long Island Iced Tea. Knock me up one of these Highballs, and make it a big one bartender!" Pauline: "I am going to disappoint you, as my favourite beverage is tea and not a sophisticated cocktail. I have an entire cupboard full of tea boxes, teapots, and cups. My favourite one is Pu Erh, a red tea from China and quite strong. I drink tea at all times during day, and there's always a teapot full in the kitchen or in the living room." Julie: "A Long Island Iced Tea! It's sweet, sour, refreshing, and from the home of Mad Men -- New York!" Find recipes for the Long Island Iced Tea and more in our Mad Men Beverage Guide!

What do you think is our most Peggy-worthy hat?

Peggy Olson inspired hats Betmar Lapis Wool Cloche Betmar Pine Wool Cloche French Basque Beret
Joanne: "Although the colour is relatively sober, the Betmar Lapis Wool Cloche suits Peggy's more serious and professional office style in later seasons, as she rises through the ranks. But it also has a touch of glamour to it with the long brim and the feather, which suits Peggy's modern but modest style." Pauline: "I'd see Peggy in the Betmar Pine Wool Cloche. The dark colour makes it easy to match, but there's the little flower for a litte touch of originality." Julie: "The French Basque Beret." A special thanks to Fleur, Joanne, Pauline, and Julie for chatting with us!

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