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Mad Men Style: Megan Draper

Megan Draper-Inspired Fashion

Though she started as the front desk receptionist, Megan Draper's striking beauty, smart attitude, and fashion-forward attire have helped her blossom on the show (her sultry rendition of "Zou Bisou Bisou" might've helped, too). Since becoming Mrs. Don Draper, Megan certainly looks every bit the '60s style star, sporting high hemlines, vivid frocks, groovy prints, and mod hair and makeup. Need some real life Megan inspiration? We've enlisted fashion bloggers Crystal of Billie Jean, Pauline of Dessine-moi un bouton, and Julie Bobbin of JuliaBobbin to show off their best Megan attire and answer a few questions:

Click through the pictures for more on each lady’s look.

Megan Draper Inspired Style: Crystal of Billie Jean

What do you love about vintage style?

Crystal: "I love the feeling I get whenever I put on a vintage dress or top off my outfit with the perfect '50s style hat. And, of course, whenever I put on a red lip and fancy red nails. Women from 'back then' were polished and very put together. I love that modern times have allowed women to be more relaxed (thank you Katherine Hepburn) with their wardrobe, but I can appreciate the times when women really put a lot of effort into getting ready for the day. Ya know, with the perfectly curled hair, manicure, stockings, hat, heels, and dress. What I miss mostly is that both men and women don't really wear hats anymore! Ah, it kills me! Whenever my style of the day is vintage-inspired, I automatically feel like I have stepped back in time. It is the closest way for me to feel as though I am living in the '40s or '50s (my all-time dream)...or even the '60s or '70s! I really have no clue what my favorite decade is. That is a very difficult choice! Vintage style is the epitome of class. Vintage style also helps me feel close to my grandmothers who have passed on. I have tons and tons of pieces from their closest. I love and cherish everything I have inherited from them! Being handed down items from my grandmother on my dad's side has brought me closer to my grandfather. I think he really appreciates the fact that I love my grandmother's 'old gold.' He knows that the trinkets he has given me are being well taken care of." Pauline: “I do not own a lot of vintage clothes, mostly bags and hats, but most of what I sew is vintage reproduction or with a retro inspiration. I am especially in love with the ’50s and ’60s fashions, which for me represent femininity, seduction, and it’s so full of colours and patterns. Dressing (and sewing my own clothes) in that style is a way for me to show my personality and originality.”
Julie: “I love how vintage styles celebrate the feminine form and accentuate a woman’s shape. The style makes you feel beautiful, polished, sexy, and confident, but without showing too much flesh. It’s subtle but powerful and makes you feel like a woman.”
Megan Draper Inspired Style: Pauline Megan Draper Inspired Style: Crystal of Billie Jean

What is your favorite cocktail or beverage?

Crystal: "I have to be honest with this answer! When it really comes down to it, I totally am a girl who prefers beer over wine or liquor! Ah, I know! I think that's probably because I'm from Texas? I might have a little more 'country' in me than I thought? Who knows? I'm very girly and prissy when it comes to my clothes, but with my choice of drink, I'm a bit more down to earth. I don't always drink beer, though. I have a sweet, little ole cocktail every now and then, and when I do, it is a Pimm's Cup. I was actually down in New Orleans at the fabulous Carousel Bar & one of the few cocktails they had listed on their menu was a Pimm's Cup. I totally went out on a limb and ordered it, expecting to not like it. I was instantly hooked. Also, when I was watching one of my favorite shows, Boardwalk Empire, Pimm's Cup is a drink they have on a few of the episodes. A very classy, old school drink that must be tried by any and all 'past time' enthusiasts." Pauline: "I am going to disappoint you, as my favourite beverage is tea and not a sophisticated cocktail. I have an entire cupboard full of tea boxes, teapots, and cups. My favourite one is Pu Erh, a red tea from China and quite strong. I drink tea at all time during the day, and there's always a teapot full in the kitchen or in the living room." Julie: "A Long Island Iced Tea! It's sweet, sour, refreshing, and from the home of Mad Men -- New York!" Find recipes for the Long Island Iced Tea, Pimm's Cup, and more in our Mad Men Beverage Guide! Megan Draper Inspired Style: JulieMegan Draper Yellow Dress Inspiration

What do you think is our most Megan-worthy hat?

Megan Draper inspired hats Betmar Alexandrite Wool Cloche Cov-ver Wide Brim Resort Hat Betmar Obsidian Knit Hat
Crystal: "I have chosen the green Betmar Alexandrite Wool Cloche hat. Seeing as how Megan is dark-haired, like me, I think emerald green or any shade of green looks great on brunettes. Dark hair, porcelain skin, and a red lip is a flawless, iconic vintage look. Also, a very, very close runner-up (possibly a tie between the two) is the blue Betmar Obsidian Knit hat. I think a turban-inspired hat is another iconic vintage look. I can't even count how many fabulous and famous Hollywood actresses have rocked this style of hat. They are the bees knees! Or better yet, they are the cat's pajamas! Swoon." Pauline: "As the free spirit she is, Megan would wear the Cov-ver Wide Brim Resort Hat. That could be on a holiday with Don (I think the new season is supposed to start with a scene like that). Megan would make a great hippie during the '70s with that hat." Julia: "The Betmar Balsa Wool Cloche." A special thanks to Crystal, Pauline, and Julie for chatting with us!

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