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Gals in Fedoras: KT Reed of KTRstyle

When a gal pulls together bright colors, pops of prints, loads of arm candy, and almost always a classic red or bright pink lip, you know she's got it goin' on. But when she adds a hat? Talk about style perfection! We can't wait to show you KT Reed of KTRstyle's pictures and feature her in our series, and we bet you can't wait to read her interview. From her favorite way to wear hats to the closet she covets, it's all here: Gals in Fedoras: KT Reed of KTR Style Describe your personal style and where you draw style inspiration for KTRstyle.

KT: I would say my personal style is a little feminine, a little adventurous, and a little wild, but all in a classy sort of way.

Gals in Fedoras: KT Reed of KTR Style

What is your favorite way to wear hats this season?

KT: I love dressing down an outfit that can potentially be too sexy with a sporty hat, or utilizing a fun hat to glam up my outfit. Other times, I just like it for those no-fuss bad hair days!

Gals in Fedoras: KT Reed of KTR Style

Whose closet would you hijack?

KT: Definitely Elizabeth Taylor for all those gems. :)

Gals in Fedoras: KT Reed of KTR Style

If you had to choose one accessory to take with you on a deserted island, what would it be?

KT: Hmm.... Would it be cheating if I take "one" survival kit with everything I need in there? :)

Gals in Fedoras: KT Reed of KTR Style

Which of our hats best fits your style?

KT: There are so many, but if I have only one option, it'd be the fedora. I'm a huge fedora girl.

What is your favorite summer food?

KT: Watermelon! It's so refreshing, and I love it with salt or lime and spice!

Thanks to KT for talking with us about her style! Be sure to check back for more gals in fedoras!

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