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James Bond Hats - Sean Connery

James Bond Hats - Sean Connery

With Spectre rocketing out to a great start in theaters, we thought we'd take a look back at some of the hats in the James Bond movies over the years, starting with Sean Connery. The movie series started in the early 60's, and as such many of the styles reflect the period. It should come as no surprise that many more hats were featured in the movies of the 60's than in those today. Sean Connery as James Bond Sean Connery has sported many hats over the years in his stint in the series. A brown fedora was present for many of the first five movies, starting immediately with the famous gun-barrel opening credits. Bond's fedora has a center dent crown and a fairly short brim, so it may be considered a Trilby style fedora by some. According to The Suits of James Bond, Lock & Co. Hatters provided the fur felt hat for Dr. No., and possibly the next four movies.
View James Bond's Hat in Dr. No
The hat itself was a dark grey-brown with a grosgrain ribbon hatband. Some similar styles that we have are our Stetson Prof Wool Felt Fedora and our Bailey of Hollywood Blixen Litefelt Fedora (minus the feather).
View Bond's Hat in From Russia With Love
Connery also shows up in a few straw hats throughout his stint, especially in tropical climates. In Goldfinger, Bond shows up in a darker pinch front fedora hat with a dark grosgrain hat band with contrasting stripes. In Thunderball, he shows up in a natural color straw pork pie or fedora with a plaid hat band.
View Bond's Straw Hat in Goldfinger View Bond's Straw Hat in Thunderball
We have a few hats available that match both. For the Goldfinger look, try our Henschel Firm Straw Gentleman's Fedora or our Bailey of Hollywood Salem Summer Braid Fedora. While we couldn't find a plaid hatband, you can easily make your own and add it to our Bailey of Hollywood Wilshire Braid Fedora or our Coronado Straw Fedora. Bond can also be seen practicing his chipping into a homburg at one point. Oddjob Oddjob is a particularly well known henchman due to his proclivity to throw a razor-edged high-crowned bowler hat. While we do not have any knife-brimmed hats, we do have a number of bowler hats that will suffice.
View Oddjob's Hat
Other Hats A number of other characters show up in hats throughout the movies, such as Goldfinger sporting a fedora and a flat cap, Felix Leiter in a pinstripe fedora and others.
View Felix Leiter in a Fedora View Goldfinger in a Fedora Emilio Largo in a fedora in Thunderball Goldfinger and a Caddy in Flat Caps
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