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Follow Suit: How to Wear a Tie Clip

Follow Suit: How to Wear a Tie Clip

Listen up, guys. We hate to break it to you, but your suits are looking reaaaally boring these days. We think it's time for men everywhere to step up their suit game. But how do you do it, you say? Ah, we're really glad you asked. We bring you (drum roll please) ... the tie clip.

How to wear a tie bar tips and tutorial

Now, before you roll your eyes and classify it as "things only Don Draper would wear," a simple tie bar can transform any ol' suit from classic and mature to fresh and modern in one full swoop. Just ask LeBron, Jay Z, Jake, David, Channing, and our good friend Gordon. The tie clip not only polishes up your appearance, but proves to the ladies that you're a gentleman who pays attention to the details (trust us, it's important). Lucky for you, we're experts on how to wear them -- because in case you were wondering, you really can screw this one up. Read on for how to use, choose, and wear a tie clip to perfection:

What is a tie clip for?

the proper way to wear a tie cliphow to wear a tie clip tie bar Tie clips -- also called a tie bar -- are sometimes mistaken as simply a tie accessory. However, they do serve a purpose. A tie clip is intended to clip the front of your tie to the placket of your dress shirt. That way, when the wind blows or you're getting down on the dance floor, your tie stays in place, and you don't end up looking like this guy. It also keeps your tie from dipping into your meal at dinner (major plus).

Which tie clip should you choose?

how to wear a tie clip tie barhow to wear a tie clip tie bar With tie clips picking up in popularity, there are a lot out there to choose from. We advise something a little more basic, in silver or gold. These tend to look the most sleek and sophisticated, and go with just about everything. Our model used this tie clip. Oh, and if your tie clip comes with a chain, remove it. Save those for your grandpas, guys. how to wear a tie clip tie barhow to wear a tie clip tie bar too big just right Also, make sure to choose a tie clip based on the width of your tie. Tie clips look strange and overpowering if they're wider than the tie, but a tie clip that is too small will look goofy and overshadowed. The bar should usually cover about 3/4 the width of your tie.

How do you wear one?

how to wear a tie clip tie barhow to wear a tie clip tie bar too low too high The placement of your tie clip is very important. If you place the bar too low, it looks like a paperweight for your tie. Placing the tie clip too high just looks silly, and gives your tie a weird, wrinkled "bubbling" effect. how to wear a tie clip tie barhow to wear a tie clip tie bar casual formal Follow these rules: If you're dressing a little more casual or your suit jacket is staying open, place the tie clip between the fourth and fifth shirt button -- your jacket will cover the tie clip when buttoned. This is a more traditional look. If you're going more formal or attending an important event, push the tie clip up between the third and fourth button -- your jacket should button below the tie clip. This placement actually makes you look taller and slimmer, and gives a stylish appearance. Voila! You are a tie clip master. So get spiffy, and try one out!
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