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How to Get the Girl

So there you are. You’ve been there a hundred times before, standing at the bar or sitting in the coffee shop and you see her. She’s been there about as many time as you and it’s finally time to go talk to her. Don’t sweat it, there are easy, simple steps that will help you “get the girl.” How do you start? With some simple conversation tactics, of course. Start off walking over to her, looking her in the eyes, saying hi and giving her a compliment. Then keep the small talk rolling by asking her if she lives in town, but keep the conversation centered on her. Women won’t deny that they love talking about themselves. The catch, however, is that if a woman feels she is talking too much about herself, she may think there isn’t a whole lot to you.
how to get a girl to date you The first step you need to take is as easy as going up to her at the bar and complimenting her. Photo courtesy of Marie
So you got her number and are going out to dinner. After dinner, she wants to go back to your place for drinks. No problem, you made sure to design your pad so it doesn’t scare off the ladies. First, check your lighting. You don’t want it to be overly bright, causing her to wince when you flip the switch. Megan McLachlan for Primer Magazine also says having a comfortable couch, reasonable posters, and garage antiques with new finish and flare are sure to impress any gal. For more advice on how to design your bachelor pad, click here. As for those drinks, don’t sweat it. Because you knew the prototypical gal isn’t about pop open a brewski and watch the game, you learned how to make these eight cocktail recipes, which are sure to appeal to her taste buds. So go ahead and shake her up a Bronx or stir an Island Breeze.
The Stork Club cocktail When she comes back to your place, don’t hand her a beer or a glass wine and think that’s okay. Impress her with your bartending skills by making a Stork Club cocktail. Photo courtesy of Primer

There are also several skills that can be quite useful to have when trying to get the girl. According to Jon Skindzier from Ask, speaking a foreign language, playing an instrument, fixing a car, and cooking are just several skills that will impress the ladies. These must be dealt with some caution though, for if you use them improperly she will believe you’re conceited. Check out all of Jon’s lady impressing skills by clicking here.

Now you’re no longer bachelor of the year, but you got the girl and are going steady. Congrats and good luck to all the other men out there. Images: 1,2
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