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How to Achieve the Bedhead Look

Taking care of your image can be exhausting. From picking out clothes to styling your hair, it can become quite a chore. Add in shaving or beard trimming and taking care of your skin and we are talking at least 30 minutes a day. And who has that? Ok, maybe the women who spend much more time a day getting ready would contend that 30 minutes isn’t so bad. But for someone on the go who wants to be able to sleep in a little, it definitely is. If only there were a way you could just roll out of bed and go with the flow and still look acceptable, right? Wait, what’s this about the bedhead look? This is a quite popular -- and not to mention sexy -- hairstyle.
robert pattinson bed head Robert Pattinson - A master of the bedhead look.
Unfortunately, despite its name, achieving the bedhead look is more than just rolling out of bed. In fact, there are even “bed head” hair products. Who knew looking sleepy requires so much work. The good news is that achieving the look is not too difficult. Here are some tips:

Body Achieving this look can start as early as in the shampooing process. Look for shampoos that will provide your hair with more body.

Gel it up When you get out of the shower, use a gel or mousse on your damp hair. Get a generous amount (but keep in mind, you don’t want to soak your hair) and work it all the way from your roots to your tips. Have fun ruffling it through your hair making strands stick out here and there. Remember that you are creating a messy look, so don't put too much thought into it. Time to dry Once you have worked the product through your hair, it's time for the finishing touches. Pat your head with a towel to remove excess gel. Then blow dry it to get the “I just rolled out of bed after a wild night” look. Make sure you flip your head over and pull your roots away from your scalp with your fingers for ultimate volume. After those steps, your look is complete. You might want to check it out and move a couple strands, but for the most part you should just let your hair fall where it wants to; remember this look isn’t supposed to be kempt. These little steps will make it seem like you spent no time on your hair at all (which sounds counterproductive, but it’s definitely the “in” look).

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