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6 Tips on How to Buy Jewelry for Women

Women love to receive jewelry for any occasion -- Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, Christmas, anniversaries, birthdays, and the list goes on. Basically, any special event with your significant other calls for jewelry. But this creates a problem. Jewelry is really hard to buy -- and it's expensive. Guys, this really puts the pressure on. You don’t want to drop bank on a necklace that she's not going to like. Not only is that a waste of money, but she'll end up being disappointed and potentially angry at you (Trust us, it's happened before.). If you're tasked with finding the perfect diamond earrings, pearl necklace, or even a ring for that special someone, then here are six tips to help your shopping sail a little bit smoother.

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1. Know her taste.

Be sure to scope out your girl’s jewelry box before you go. Don't buy gold if all she wears is silver, and steer away from dangly earrings if all she wears are studs. Pay attention to her ring size if you're going that route. If you don't know her size, than sneakily swipe a ring from her jewelry box that you know fits her well -- a jeweler will be able to determine from the ring what size she is. Also take into consideration her day-to-day lifestyle. If she has a hands-on job, a huge ring with a tall, intricate setting might not be best.

2. Shop with a friend.

Ask your lady’s closest gal pal if she'll go jewelry shopping with you. (Or, if this isn't your cup of tea, solicit her opinion before you go shopping.) It's likely she'll have a better understanding of your significant other's jewelry taste than you. Just don't let the bestie take over the shopping trip. At the end of the day, this gift is from you, not her.

3. Do your research.

Research jewelers in the area to be sure you're shopping somewhere reputable. Compare prices based on quality so you don't end up with something extremely overpriced. Usually, local shops have better prices than large chains -- for the same quality, if not better.

4. Check the craftsmanship.

Examine the piece all over. Make sure the setting is secure and the clasp works well. Make sure the metal has no scratches or imperfections. If you're buying a stone, ask to look at it under a microscope. I recommend doing research beforehand if you're purchasing a stone like a diamond. With a little knowledge, even an untrained eye can find glaring imperfections. You're spending a lot of money, so make sure you get something that will last.

5. Stick with silver.

With gold prices at a historic high, many are sticking to silver, and that is perfectly okay. Silver is very trendy. If the piece is marked sterling or has the numbers 925, then it is 92.5 percent pure. If it's marked nickel or German, then the metal actually has no silver in it. Just remember that silver takes a little more upkeep than other precious metals like gold. To prevent tarnishing, consider purchasing a tarnish prevention cloth to accompany the jewelry.

6. Customize it.

Many jewelers will make custom pieces, just so long as you don’t show up the night before you need it! Customized jewelry shows that you put a lot of thought into her gift and will probably win you a lot of brownie points! If you can't afford to have a custom piece made, consider a charm bracelet or a Pandora bracelet that allows you to create your own piece without the price of customization. With these options, you can continue to buy her charms for future holidays. This makes gift buying easy for you -- and she'll be excited to have a beautiful piece of thoughtful jewelry! Take these tips to heart, and you're sure to find something she'll love. Author Bio: Stephanie is a guest blogger. She loves writing and reading and has spent a lot of time in a local jewelry and watch repair shop where her close friend makes custom pieces often.
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