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Rolando's Top 3 Dapper Hair Products

As a man with really thick hair, I’ve always had to keep my hair product game tight. And this has cost me a lot of embarrassment and money over the years. But that’s not to say I haven’t come out on top in the end. After experimenting and doing my own research, my hair looks pretty dapper these days. I’m going to share with you my top three go-to products for achieving a dapper, Mad Men-esque hair style.Keep in mind, my hair is very thick and coarse. This means if your hair is also thick and coarse, these products might be perfect for you -- or they might not. No head of hair will react the same way to any product, so finding the right ones may require some trial and error. When trying new products, it’s always best to start with freshly trimmed hair. Experiment with these products below and other products. Read reviews on and other reputable sources. Don’t believe everything you hear, but also don’t shy away from taking some dude’s opinion on because he might have the same problem we all have: no SWAG without hair product. When reading reviews and trying new products, remember that the most important factors are longevity, hold, shine, and cost. So without further adieu, here are my top three dapper hair products:

1) Moco De Gorila Gel

Moco de GorilaMoco De Gorila>

This is my go-to product when I really want my hair to flatten down and stay put in that vintage 60s Mad Men style. I’m not sure what's in Moco De Gorila gel (the packaging says they use natural ingredients), but it works. And it works very, very well. There are four different holds (Galan, Sport, Rockero, and Punk), and each one is pretty awesome. While I started off with estilo Punk, I found it to be too stiff, so I scaled down to estilo Rockero. Pay no attention to the style names. I’m convinced these products are perfect for dapper, slicked-back hair. Moco De Gorila gel will keep your hair very shiny and in place. I’m sure I could step outside during a hurricane and my hair style would still be intact. In fact, I usually go to sleep with Moco De Gorila still on my hair and I wake up with my hair style 100 percent in place. Yes, I know there are other products like pomades and waxes that achieve the Mad Men look, but none of them work as well for me as Moco De Gorila. As of late, Moco De Gorila seems to be taking off. In the past, I could only find it in boutiques, but I am now finding it everywhere from CVS to Target. This may or may not be unique to the Miami market as we have a strong Hispanic population and the product is packaged in Spanish. However, if you can’t find it at your local store, it’s easily found online as well. PROS: extremely strong hold, HIGH shine, very cheap CONS: once product dries and settles in, your hair style is unmovable unless you wash it off COST: $3 to $4 for 11.99 oz

2) American Crew Fiber

American Crew FiberAmerican Crew Fiber>

American Crew has always been known for great hair products. Not only do the products work well, but they smell good and come in slick packaging. The Fiber line is by far my favorite. First, it smells great. Second, it does what it’s supposed to do. It tames my frizzy, coarse hair and makes me look presentable. (Seriously, it’s a life saver.) Also, it lasts throughout the day. This is extremely important because if a hair product doesn’t last, it defeats the purpose of using it and sets you up for social embarrassment later on. Most cheap hair products dissolve after one to two hours and leave your hair looking terrible mid-day. American Crew Fiber goes the distance and has me looking fly well into the evening. American Crew also has a styling cream with a stronger hold than the Fiber line, but it’s far too stiff for my taste. For me, the trick to achieving maximum dapper from this product is timing it correctly after I get out of the shower . You don’t want to apply it when your hair is too wet becuase the water will dissolve the product in 30 to 60 minutes. You also don’t want to wait until your hair is too dry because the product won't apply well. Experimenting with the product will help you perfect your timing. PROS: smells great, strong hold (but not too strong), high shine, is affordable compared to other high-end salon products (see below) CONS: oily and a bit “soapy” COST: $10 to $15 for 3.0 oz

3) Kerastase Capital Force Densifying Modeling Paste

Kerastase Homme Gel Capital Force

Kerastase Homme Capital Force

Years ago, after trying many basic and inexpensive hair products, I decided to give Kerastase a try. It was the first product that really met my needs all-around, and I was a huge fan of it for years and spent lots of money online and at posh salons buying it. Honesty, Kerastase Capital Force Paste is more or less tied with American Crew Fiber in terms of function. I might even prefer the Kerastase product on some days, but when you factor in cost, American Crew Fiber is the superior product. There is no reason to pay $30 to $40 in this economy for a small jar that might last you a month. Kerastase Capital Force Paste has good hold, but it definitely does not last as long as American Crew Fiber. NOTE: Some reviewers on say L’Oreal’s Overworked Hair Putty is the same exact product as Kerastase’s Capital Force -- with the same exact ingredients for less money. This is simply untrue. While the ingredients are similar in the L’Oreal product, it’s not the same mix, and it just doesn’t have the same hold or shine as the Kerastase Capital Force product. It wears off very quickly. PROS: great smell, strong hold, high shine, creamy soft feel CONS: high cost for small jar COST: $30 to $40+ for 2.55 oz Do you have any product recommendations for those trying to achieve a dapper hair style?
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