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Gals in Fedoras: The Golden Girls of Golden White Decor

Hats don’t have to be just for keeping your ears warm in the winter. Now that warm weather is finally here, the world of fun, fashionable hats is wide open! We’ve rounded up our favorite fashion bloggers working their best hat style, so get ready for some serious summer inspiration.

To kick off our series with a bang, we’re starting with the beautiful ladies of Golden White Decor: best friend pair Lauren and Marika. These girls know how to wear a hat, whether it’s to a casual event, the beach, or a night out. All about California and sunshine, the Golden Girls want you to always be in a sunny state of mind!

Golden White DecorGolden White Decor

Describe your personal style and where you draw style inspiration from for Golden White Decor.

Lauren & Marika: Our style is best described as European elegance portrayed through our chic yet laid-back California lifestyle. We like to mix boho with prep and believe all women should clothe themselves in class. Our light and airy palate reflects our dreamy state of mind and our goal to inspire the world through our passion. The Golden Girls represent all things golden, and Golden White Decor reflects our sunny disposition and high energy. We are inspired by our surroundings and the light coastal California vibes. We also look for inspiration in our travels. Each city, state, and country has their own take on fashion. Fashion and décor trends are continually evolving, and it is important to keep an open mind. It is also key to look to past trends and how they can be refreshed, revamped, and altered to fit our current lifestyle.

Golden White Decor

What is your favorite way to wear hats this season?

Lauren & Marika: A hat can be paired with just about any outfit! However, our favorite type of hat is a wide brimmed floppy hat! You can dress it down and take it with you to the beach, or you can pair it with a sundress and heels for a more sophisticated look!

Whose closet would you hijack?

Lauren & Marika: Most definitely the Olsen twins! Love their casual, laid-back, yet chic style!

Golden White Decor

If you had to choose one accessory to take with you on a deserted island, what would it be?

Lauren & Marika: Of course a wide brimmed sun hat. ;) Great for UV protection!

What topper tip would you give to your girlfriends?

Lauren & Marika: Accessorize as many outfits as you can with a hat! Hats are a fun, classy, and forever in-style statement piece that give your look that "wow factor"!

Golden White Decor

Which of our hats best fits your style?

Lauren & Marika: The Raffia Hat with the Chiffon Bow. :) So great for spring and summer!

Golden White Decor

What is your favorite summer escape?

Lauren & Marika: A sun-filled day of poolside lounging! Needed: A good book, glass of iced tea, sun hat, and a bowl of watermelon!

Many thanks to the lovely Golden Girls for taking the time to speak with us about their style. Be sure to check back regularly for more featured ladies in hats!

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