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overly attached girlfriend

10 Qualities Guys Look for in Women

Finding the perfect woman can take the better part of one man’s life. There are so many qualities guys look for in women -- and finding a woman who has it all is nearly impossible. But if a woman has at least several of the qualities he admires, it can lead to a strong relationship. So here are 10 qualities that every man looks for in women.

overly attached girlfriend memeOverly clingy isn't attractive on anyone. Check out more girlfriend memes here.

1. Honesty and Loyalty:

The two go hand-in-hand. We’ve been there for our buddies when they’ve been cheated on, and it’s most likely happened to us as well. The last thing we need is for this soundtrack to be put on repeat.

2. Outgoing:

Of course a little shyness is never a bad quality either, but the more outgoing you are, the less nervous we are during the first couple of dates.

3. Confidence:

If you come walking into the room tall and are willing to make eye contact with us, we’ll find it easier to be around you and to have a conversation.

4. Good Sense of Humor:

We aren’t asking you to laugh at the crude jokes our buds tell us at work, we’re asking that you at least share our sense of humor. Sharing laughs can go a long way.

5. Easy Going:

As men, we aren’t really an uptight breed. Yeah, sure there are some guys who are a little too serious, but in general we like to roll with it. If a girl can roll with us, that helps us get along better.

6. Caring:

It’s pretty simple. If you don’t care too much about us and our problems, then how are we supposed to care about yours?

7. Try New Things:

Being stuck in a routine is never good. As men, we love to be active and explore new things and having someone to try them out with us is all the better.

8. Independent:

A girl that hangs on a guy’s arm and follows him everywhere is a huge turn off. We find it attractive when girls have their own lives and don’t need to be in ours 24/7.

9. Maturity:

Men and women express immaturity differently. An immature girl is catty, overuses baby talk, and is over-emotional. These qualities can be annoying in a woman.

10. Cooks Well:

Last but not least, this quality isn’t so men don’t have to cook. Cooking is a great quality in a woman because it’s something the two can bond over. Nothing brings two people together like fixing up a good meal.
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