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Mobster Style: Gangster Squad Inspired Hats

Mobster Style: Gangster Squad Inspired Hats

Based on the book by Paul Lieberman, Gangster Squad depicts the story of a team of LAPD officers as they try to take back their city from mob king, Mickey Cohen. With a star-studded cast that includes A-list actors like Sean Penn, Josh Brolin, and Ryan Gosling, Gangster Squad embodies the spirit, culture, and fashion of the 1940s. After you see the film, one thing will be certain -- you need the Gangster Squad style. The timeless suits, suspenders, and -- of course -- fedoras worn by Gosling, Penn, and the gang, make for a sophisticated look that's considered impeccable, even by today's standards. To truly recreate the classic '40s fashion in the 21st century, we consulted A Tip of the Hat's resident fedora experts. From mob bosses to undercover cops, they broke down the flick's most dapper hats and shared their favorite modern-day equivalents.
Gangster Squad hats
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