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Gals in Fedoras: Evening Glam

The daytime can be so hectic with work, running errands, making dinner, and fitting in that workout you've sworn to not skip this week. The evening, though ... that is your time to shine. And who knows better than Kara of Sprinkles in Springs and Jessica of Here and Now? Whether your evening attire is more casual like Kara's or more dressed up like Jessica's, a hat can be a fabulous accessory. Read on to get some inspiration from these chic ladies!

Kara of Sprinkles in Springs

Gals in Fedoras: Evening Glam

Where did you wear this look?

Kara: I wore this look while running a few errands, before meeting up with friends later that evening. I like that it's an overall casual outfit that's really transformed by accessories, one of which being this American Apparel hat.

What is your favorite way to style hats this season?

Kara: I'm looking forward to trying out some new hats. At the top of my wishlist is a straw fedora or a Panama hat in a light color. I'd style it with a flowy dress and some statement jewelry or printed shorts and a breezy, soft Oxford shirt and cute sandals.

Which of our hats best fits your personal style?

Kara: The hat that best fits my personality would have to be a floppy hat like the one I'm wearing. I like how effortless and fun they are and that they're casual while still making a glamorous statement. You can pair one with heels, vintage jewelry, jeans, and a tee, or go relaxed in a maxi dress covering up a swimsuit. There are so many options on how to style one, taking the material into account (felt, straw, etc).

What is your favorite summer accessory?

Kara: I just got a T3 styling wand, so I'm super excited to get some beachy summer waves going on. They'd look great with my floppy hat! :)

Jessica of Here and Now

Gals in Fedoras: Evening Glam

Where would you wear this look?

Jessica: I would wear this look on a summer evening spent with friends. In the humid Tennessee summer months, my hair tends to take on a new personality, so a patterned fedora is an easy way to look cute and avoid hot styling tools (which are the LAST things I want to be dealing with!).

What is your favorite way to style hats this season?

Jessica: Oh goodness -- hats are one of my favorite accessories right now! I am still transitioning between my love of bohemian felted hats and fall- and spring- ready Panama-style toppers, but new on the scene is a baseball cap that makes a serious fashion statement! I really love the look of a wide-brim Panama hat set back on the head a bit to show off your hair.

Which of our hats best fits your personal style?

Jessica: I would describe my style as classic and feminine, and I would definitely have to go with the Panama hat.

What is your favorite summer hairstyle?

Jessica: Braids! I adore a style that keeps my hair off my neck and can be worn in so many ways. Still trying to master the fishtail braid, but the old-fashioned side braid is my go-to!

Thank you to Kara and Jessica for chatting with us! Be sure to check back for more gals in fedoras!

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