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Gals in Fedoras: Beach Style

It's summer, it's warm, and we here in the land-locked state of Indiana sure wish we could get away to some sand and waves. Who doesn't love the beach? Seagulls, ocean breeze, umbrellas, tanning ... ahh, paradise! However, just because you're at the beach doesn't mean style gets to take a holiday, too. Sun protection is a must, and what better way to complement your suntan lotion than with a hat? Chelsea Davis of She Said He Said and Amy Webb of Urban Frill know this better than anyone! Classically stylish, Chelsea and Amy don't mess around at the beach. Want to get some beach tips for yourself? Read on!

Chelsea of She Said He Said

Gals in Fedoras: Chelsea of She Said He Said

Where would you wear this look? Chelsea: I would wear this look to the mall or out to lunch with friends. In Cali, shorts, a top, sandals, and a fedora can almost be worn year 'round! What is your favorite way to style hats this season?

Chelsea: I like to pair my fedoras with a colorful striped maxi dress or a neutral shift dress with wedges. My favorite, though, is to make my hat the focal point by pairing it with boyfriend jeans, a plain T-shirt, and bright lipstick.

Which of our hats best fits your personal style?

Chelsea: Do I have to pick just one? If so, I love the rim on the Stitch Hats Jane Straw Fedora. It's definitely up my alley. The red pop of color can match my sandals, shorts, or makeup and completes the look. I like the camel color because it goes with either black, white, or brown. The style is perfect, too. I like to tilt the hat a bit for a sassy vibe.

What is your favorite summer food or cocktail?

Chelsea: I love ceviche. It fills you up and tastes delightful on a hot summer day. My cocktail of choice right now is a cucumber martini infused with jalapeño. Seriously, you can never have just one.

Amy of Urban Frill

Gals in Fedoras: Amy of Urban Frill

Where would you wear this look?

Amy: This dress and hat are two of my go-to pieces in the summer. I would wear this look almost anywhere -- an afternoon on the beach, lunch at an outdoor cafe, winery-hopping, or a barbecue with friends and family!

What is your favorite way to style hats this season?

Amy: I love to tie a silk scarf around the brim of an oversized floppy hat for a little added detail during a day at the beach. It makes packing for vacation so much easier, too! Just bring one hat and five scarves, and you've already got six different looks. Which of our hats best fits your personal style? Amy: It's so hard to pick just one, but I adore the Betmar Maple Wool Floppy Hat. It's the sort of hat that just goes with everything (great for bad hair days). I especially love the rope detailing.

What is your favorite summer escape?

Amy: The Outer Banks in North Carolina. I have been going every summer with my family for the past 15 years. It's the perfect place to unwind, relax, and forget about reality for a week.

Thank you to our lovely ladies, Chelsea and Amy, for talking with us. Be sure to check back soon for more lovely gals sporting hats!

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