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Our Favorite Posts from 2012

Remember when we taught you how to concoct a manly mixed drink? Or the day we gave you the 411 on what ladies think about your cologne? Or, what about the time we taught you how to do your laundry? It's been a great year writing A Tip of the Hat since its launch this past March. Just in case you missed some of our posts along the way, we rounded up some of this year's most memorable... A Guy's Guide to Gift Buying -- This is a great one for all of you last-minute shoppers scrambling to get holiday gifts the morning of (or even after-the-fact). Read our tips, and don't disappoint her again this year. How to Stock a Bar -- Our very first post, this oldie-but-goodie shows you the essential items needed for an at-home bar. Style File: Don Draper -- Who doesn't want to emulate the always-dapper Don Draper? Mad Men Inspired Cocktails -- Speaking of Don Draper, check out our recipes for Mad Men-inspired cocktails. Learn how to make a Vodka Gimlet, a Brandy Alexander, a Tom Collins, and a Bloody Mary. Tips on Going Tailor-Made -- When it comes to buying a suit, we recommend going tailor-made. Read our tips on finding a tailor, choosing a fabric, communicating with your tailor, and keeping it fresh. 15 Manly Mustaches for Movember -- In honor of Movember, we rounded up 15 of the best mustaches of the modern world, from Daniel Day-Lewis to Alex Trebek. Designing a Bachelor Pad? What You Need to Know -- Guys living on your own, take note of our bachelor pad decor ideas. We'll help you create a classy, yet masculine, space for yourself. How to Find the Perfect Jeans Cut -- We cover all the cuts so you can discover the best jeans for your body type and style. Remember, if your jeans don't fit correctly, color and style don't matter. Four Clever (and Easy) Costumes for Guys -- Our Halloween costume ideas revolved around hats (of course) and staples that you probably already have hanging in your closet. Get Straight with Your Razor -- This brief history of shaving will convince you to go get a straight razor shave. By the way, did you know men used to shave with clam shells? Happy Holidays from A Tip of the Hat!
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