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How to Wear Spring's Navy Blazer

There are some spring wardrobe essentials that every guy just can't live without: boat shoes, a gingham shirt, a thin sweater, cuffed jeans -- and then there's the navy jacket. A lightweight, cotton-blend blazer (ditch the wools and heavy tweeds) in dark blue is the perfect complement to just about everything in your closet. Whether you're hanging out or headed to a wedding, this essential item is easygoing, classic, and cool -- all at the same time.

Essential Men's Fashion Item Fedoras.comHow to wear a navy blazer

Take some notes from these well-dressed street styles, and learn how to pull off the navy blazer all by yourself (trust us on this one).

Keep It Simple

Navy Blazer Spring 2013 There's nothing more classic than a navy blazer layered over a crisp patterned shirt, cuffed pants, and tassled loafers. The easiest way to wear a blazer this spring? Keep it simple.


A navy blazer is not a stuffy suit -- so don't treat it like one! Relax a little bit: ditch the tie, unbutton the top of your shirt (and your sleeves), and pair your blazer with your favorite jeans.

Try Blue on Blue

Navy Blazer Style Try layering different shades of blue for an easy, monochromatic look. Pair your jacket with a light blue button-down, a navy tie, and white pants. If you're not into wearing white below the waist, try a pair of khakis instead.

Go Bold

Navy Blazer Spring Style For those of you looking to switch up your beige slacks or blue jeans this spring, try a bold pair of chinos. Since the pants make the statement, tone down the rest of your attire with the navy blazer, a simple undershirt, and neutral shoes. Extra points for rolling up your pant legs and ditching socks for the full effect.

Layer, Layer, Layer

Navy Blazer Style With spring's unpredictable tempuratures, throw on a navy blazer over your sweater, cuffed shirt, tie, and khakis combo for a fresh spin -- and an extra bit of warmth.

Top It Off

Navy Blazer Style We might be a little biased, but the best way to look effortless in a navy blazer this spring is to pair it with your favorite fedora. Straw and cloth hats are lightweight enough for sunny days and add an extra dose of dapper to your look. Back to Men's Style Guide Image sources:,,
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