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Four Clever (and Easy) Costumes for Guys

Four Clever (and Easy) Costumes for Guys

You have to admit: with all of the endless Oktoberfest beer specials, reruns of Michael Myers, and bowls of candy corn, you might actually enjoy the spooky season. That is, until you must find the perfect Halloween costume (clever enough to to win awards, but cool enough to win hearts). That's where the ladies of A Tip of the Hat come in. Whether you're pulling it together last-minute or just trying to make your girlfriend proud, we've got your go-to costumes covered. The best part about these easy-yet-impressive costumes? Most of them should already be tucked away in your closet or stuffed in your drawers (well, except for the python cuffs and leather whip -- but hey, you never know). P.S. Click through the pics for the perfect costume topper.

1. Don Draper

The perfect excuse to dress dapper and sip whiskey all night long.

2. Crocodile Dundee

You've always wanted to say "mate" and see if accents really work.

3. Sherlock Holmes

Because Robert Downey Jr. is sexy, even without the Iron Man costume.

4. Indiana Jones

Everybody loves a rugged, ambitious guy -- especially us.

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