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art of manliness box set

Blogger Gift Picks, Part 1

With Christmas just weeks away, time is running out to find the right gifts for everyone on your holiday list. For many, this is one of the most stressful times of the year, because no one wants to give a bad gift. Because buying gifts can be difficult, we scoured our favorite blogs to find blogger gift picks. Who better to take gift-giving advice from than the guys who know what's out there best? For the “manly man” who likes to fix everything himself and enjoys a good craft beer, the Art of Manliness has several appropriate gift suggestions. Here are our favorite gift picks from the Art of Manliness. art of manliness box setThe Art of Manliness Collection Box Set -- This collection is actually three gifts in one! It comes with a book that uncovers what manliness really means in the 21st century and another full of years of manly wisdom. The box set includes a set of coasters, and the red and green cigar box is a nice, festive gift itself. It’s great to store things in, but I would use the box to wrap another gift. Art of Manliness Calling Cards -- You see an attractive lady at a bar or club and strike up a conversation with her. After hitting it off, you want to give her your number to see if she’s interested in going on a date. Instead of writing it down or outright telling it to her to put in her phone, simply slide her a card and ask her to call you. Now the ball is in her court without the awkwardness and fear that she won’t give you her number in return. Art of Manliness Letterpress Coasters -- These coasters are the perfect addition to any basement bar or man cave. They have witty messages, such as “Down the Hatch” and “Man up, Drink Up” that are sure to attract a few laughs from your friends and family. One of our favorite style bloggers is Sabir at Men’s Style Pro. We appreciate his stylish suits and accessories that are a pleasant change from the ordinary, while encompassing the latest trends. Below are our favorites from his Holiday Guide:

knottery pocket square

Pocket Square -- The easiest way to add a splash of color and sophistication to your suit is to include a nice pocket square. They’re the perfect stocking stuffer without breaking the bank.

tie bar tie clip

Colored Tie Clip -- Nothing helps you stand out from the crowd better than a bold, vibrant color, and this tie clip certainly fits the bill. I know that my dad and uncles would love to find this in their stockings. Flannel Pajamas -- With the cold winter months ahead, nothing feels better than a warm, cozy set of PJs. I’d love to see these with my name on them under the Christmas tree, and I’m sure your friends and family will, too. These are the items that we love from a couple of our favorite bloggers. We’ll feature gift picks from two different bloggers next Friday, so check back for more holiday suggestions. If you need more gift ideas now, you can check out our holiday guide. Or, read our post on how to buy gifts for her.
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