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Blogger Gift Picks, Part 2

We're back with more holiday gift picks, as recommended by our favorite bloggers. Read on for gentlemanly gift ideas that any guy on your holiday list will appreciate. And if you missed Part 1 of this series, you can check it out here.

Midwestyle Gift Picks

It’s been argued that men these days don’t know how to dress. While athletic shorts and t-shirts make their way to the sidewalks, a few chaps from the train tracks constantly educate the way a frugal man can dapper up. Hailing from Chicago, Jeff, Seth, and Cam pour their hearts and souls into the localized, well-photographed blog Midwestyle. Filled with wardrobe advice, these three featured some unique accessories too noteworthy to pass by this holiday season.

Bartender Roll-up Kit

Bar Roll-Up -- For the man who treats his elixirs with more interest than debauchery, try a bar roll-up kit from Cocktail Kingdom ($135). One part quality leather and waxed cotton, one part rugged design by Jim Meehan, a roll-up kit is sure to express and enhance his spirited passion. If your coin purse is running a little light these days, Amazon shelves a basic boxed set of bar tools at $40. A Thrifted Historical Watch -- This time around, consider a watch that speaks of both past and present time. Cam discovered a Vostok watch from WWII for $30 on Etsy, but you can best find these old-timers on eBay, Craigslist, or even your local thrift shop. Just be wary of the watch’s age compared to its ability to keep time.

Reindeer bottle opener

Housewares from Anthropologie -- If wisdom can be found in the most unlikely of places, so too can a great, affordable gift. Typically a store for the ladies, the Midwestyle gents went out on a limb and found a few treasures at Anthropologie. With kitchen goods like a reindeer horn bottle opener ($28), you can leave your ego with the cabbie and man up while you shop for the special someone in your life. Now before you gallop off to the stores for these things, check out more from the young bucks at Midwestyle. They have plenty of wardrobe posts and styling tips, all presented with a sharp wit and youthful spirit. The boys have just about everything on their site from a safety pin tie clip post to a Midwest thrift shop map for easier trunk-diving.

Alex Grant's Gift Picks

When our team is in need of wardrobe inspiration, we know that we can rely on Alex Grant’s blog to get our creative juices flowing. His relaxed, yet sophisticated style has inspired us to break away from the ordinary and try new looks this year. While we like almost all of the products he features on his site, here are the three we would love to see wrapped up under our tree:

bills khakis berkshire jacketBerkshire Jacket -- We love this warm, plaid jacket for the bitter cold winter months of January and February. Red is the perfect color for the holiday season, and it will look great with almost anything in your wardrobe. The entire product is made in the USA, which is an added plus.

danner boots Danner Boots -- While winter boots tend to be less-than-attractive, these leather boots by Danner will keep your feet dry, warm, and stylish. We love how Alex swapped out the original laces for a pair of red ones. These would be a perfect gift for any guy on your list who ventures outside during winter's cold months.

jack spade vest

Warm Vest -- This down vest is the perfect layer for those especially cold and windy days. Any guy who lives in one of the bitter-cold, snow-laden states (that's you, Minnesotans) will love layering this vest over a warm sweater or thermal. Stay tuned for Part 3 of our Blogger Gift Picks series next Friday!
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