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Accessorizing for a Formal Night


  • A few types of ties that you can use:
    • »Bowties: For a cute, nerdy look. You can never go wrong with a classic black bowtie, but now more and more patterned bowties are available. You can always wear a colored or patterned bowtie to make a statement (especially if you are only wearing black and white – pop of color), or bring out the color of your formal outfit (match with the color of shoes, or the color of any piece that you are wearing).
    • »Skinny ties: For a clean, minimalist look. Skinny ties can also pair well with nerd glasses. The classic black skinny tie can definitely create a very clean look – not only professional, but also young and fresh. Definitely a good piece to consider if you want to go classic with a little twist.
    • »Neckties: Neckties come in all sorts of colors and patterns and is the go-to accessory for a formal or professional look.
bow tie and glasses
We found this great resource that goes over 15 Ways to Tie a Tie - a must-see before tying up.


  • One way to create unity in your look with belts is to match the color of the belt with the color of your shoes. Belts finish up a look and are almost necessary in any smart, formal outfit. For a more vintage look, you can go with a darker shade of brown which can be complemented with leather oxfords. Try to avoid huge buckles as that can be too casual and sometimes tacky.


  • A few types of shoes that you can wear:
    • »Oxfords: Definitely a favorite choice – they come in many different colors and textures. The newest trend is also punched cap oxfords which add lovely details to your outfit. You can wear a classic outfit with colored, suede oxfords to make a statement.
    • »Loafers: A more casual choice – great for a preppy look and can be super comfortable.


  • »Nerd: Nerd glasses can also complete a classic look, if you get the ones that are thick and black rimmed. It does not always create a nerd look, if that’s not the look that you’re going for, but it is a great accessory which goes well with almost anything. They come in different colored rims which can come to your advantage, depending on the outfit that you are wearing. It is preferable to have another accessory or piece in your whole outfit of the same color in order to create more unity to the outfit, and also as not to make your accessory look misplaced. It is also important to create an impression that every piece in your outfit is meant to be there and not just put together at random.
  • »Rimless: Rimless glasses are simple ones that don't have frames around the lens. These are typically thought of as a classier option to nerd glasses, and they can bring a seamless feel to your look. Rimless glasses are perfect if you want to draw attention elsewhere, like a great pocket square or colorful tie.
Thanks to Tammie of Word dict for the great suggestions!
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