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How to Find the Perfect Jeans Cut

Men, if you’re like me, than you’re constantly telling yourself that the right fit matters. Skip the color or style, if it doesn’t fit right, then the rest doesn’t matter. This comes into play most when you’re looking for that right pair of jeans. Whether for work, going out, or to wear to the game, the cut is what matters most. But with Levi’s alone offering thirteen different cuts (and every brand having their own styles as well), it can be tricky to find the right pair. Here's the low-down on different jeans cuts -- and how to choose the best for your build.

The Cut

Skinny: Great for an indie rocker performing at the local bar or the hipster cyclist zipping about town, this cut should be tight in most areas with a little bit of room at the ankle, helping you move freely without catching on extra denim.

mens skinny means fashion

Straight Leg: Just like it sounds, this cut creates a straight leg appearance, running straight from your hip to your ankle. It’s been the staple in denim and is represented by those all-American boys.

Boot: The cut that has ruled the West and cowboy outlaws for over a century, giving a slim fit in the rear and thigh, but flaring out at the ankle to fit over any style of boot.

men's boot cut jeans fashion

Athletic: This recent style is a hybrid of three different cuts, combining the seat of a straight leg, the thigh of a relaxed, and the ankle of a boot. It’s the most versatile cut currently in the men’s denim world.

Relaxed: The roomiest fit on the rack, this cut gives you the necessary space for your legs, sitting on the hips and giving room for muscular thighs and bigger calves.

Finding the Right Cut for Your Build

Tall and Thin: You’ve got the option between skinny or straight. Skinny being the tighter cut for you, creating that indie/urban style. While the straight leg cut gives you the ideal room from hip to ankle. Athletic: Now that there is a cut designed for you, it would be unwise to buy any other fit. However, relaxed and straight leg are good alternatives. Relaxed being a more comfortable fit and straight leg giving a bit more shape to below your belt. Average: You’re the golden boy of denim, being able to look great in just about any cut. Straight leg would be your ideal choice, but that shouldn’t limit you from trying out a pair of skinny or athletic. Stocky: To play it safe, the relaxed fit is going to be your cut. Yet, to add some shape to your lower half, you may want to look into the athletic cut with its slender seat and flare at the ankles. Image sources: Jeans, Glamorous
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