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Designing a Bachelor Pad? What you need to Know.

Alright, so you’re either fresh out of college starting a new chapter entitled “Single Man in the Big City” or you said goodbye to your roommates because you can finally afford to live on your own. You found the place and are ready to make it into an impressive bachelor pad. Let’s ease our way into this by starting with the entryway. Now, this is where first impressions are made, and you don't want to send your guests packing before they’ve seen the whole pad. Steven Southon of says an easy way set things off on a good note is to keep it clean and organized using quality shelves, hat racks, and maybe a shoe organizer. With decor, it’s all about the details, Steven notes. In the entryway, hang posters or even your fixie. Be sure to frame any posters you plan on putting up -- leave the thumbtacks at your parents' place.
bike hanging on wall Hanging your bike is a great way to add detail to your entryway, and it gets the clutter off the ground, making for a safe entry. Photo courtesy of

Moving on to the living room, Men’s Fit Club’s Editorial Staff gives three helpful tips to make your bachelor pad more inviting:

  1. Keep it clean...but not too clean. You don't want guests feeling uncomfortable.
  2. Make sure you keep a color scheme of three or four hues in mind. This will help to declutter the room visually.
  3. It’s time to bring out the art curator in you. The Editorial Staff says a great way to find good, inexpensive art is to go to a small, unnamed gallery that showcases local artists’ work. Finally, keep your juvenile accessories hidden; you’re a man now, not a boy, and the only thing people want to see on your coffee table is the morning paper.
bachelor pad Image source.

Lastly, the interior designer for several A-listers, Mike Valles, gives some last-minute touches to your pad. Bring privacy by hanging black curtains, keeping both window neighbors and the sun from peeking in. Also, appeal to the senses -- all of them. Mike says a great way to appeal to both touch and sight is to mix up the texture of your furniture. Another way is to make the best of a great view, if you have one, by opening couches and chairs to the window. Mike’s final note is stay up-to-date on the styles of the day, which is as easy as changing out old throw pillows or appliances for sleek, new ones.

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