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5 Accessories Every Guy Should Own

The accessory is the understated part of every man’s wardrobe. It’s a unique detail that one adds to accent his outfit or tell something about himself. The worst thing a guy can do is underestimate an accessory.

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Here are five accessories every guy should own. They will not only add to your style but also tell your boss, coworkers, and friends a little bit about you before you even begin talking.

1. The Belt

Quite arguably the most important accessory, every man needs a belt. A belt symbolizes that you are well rounded and pay attention to details. You match your belt with your outfit: black shoes equal a black belt, and brown shoes go with a brown belt. The only time you don’t wear a belt is when you are wearing suspenders.

2. The Tie

Add class, style, and professionalism with a couple of loop arounds and a knot. Your boss will see your tie and hear, “I know you mean business and so do I.” And when you match your tie and shirt, it tells the ladies that you pay attention to detail, which means you’ll pay attention to her.

3. The Watch

Time is of the essence, and it can’t be wasted. A watch will help keep you on time and tells everyone else not to worry becuase you understand how precious time can be. Also, it’ll add style points to your wardrobe, and you can mix and match watches, like ties, to fit what you’re wearing.

4. The Pocket Knife

If you were to empty your pockets right now, would you have one of these in your hand? There’s a good chance that most of you don’t. It’s not your fault though. Over the years, pocket knives have declined in importance. However, that doesn’t mean that a pocket knife is obsolete. You never know when one will come in handy and best guess is that many of you could have already used one every now and then.

5. The Hat

Just like the pocket knife, the hat has grown out of touch, and I’m not talking about baseball caps or flats bills. The fedora and newsboy (which can be found at have been long out of style but are coming back. You can see them on TV, in the movies, and on the streets of major cities. They go great with suits and make a walk through the city something more than just a walk.
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