Our Top 5 Lebron James Hats

Lebron James is rarely seen without some sort of headwear. From his signature in-game headband to a satirical crown, Cleveland to Miami, his head is covered in style more often than not. We’ve compiled our top 5 hats that King James has been seen sporting.

5. For Every King, a Crown

I doubt he’s wearing it out in public, but still can’t help love the jaunty headpiece that allows Lebron to look the part of his beloved nickname. Bow down.

4. Turn Up the Brim, Bring Up the Collar

A recent postgame interview showed Lebron battling the early-season cold with a turtleneck sweater and a wool fedora with an upturned brim. You can put together a similar look with a Wool Silko Diamond Crown Pork Pie from Bailey of Hollywood and your favorite turtleneck sweater.

3. Lebron Gets Happy

When you’re the king, sometimes it’s okay to cop someone else’s style. Here’s a throwback to last April when Lebron took a page out of Pharrell’s book and rocked a lid similar to the one Pharrell wore to the 2013 Grammy’s. Fortune favors the bold, and you’ve got to hand it to Pharrell and Lebron for pulling off an unconventional look with this Mountie-inspired hat.

2. Classic Fedora, Timeless Class

Lebron James went with a classic Borsalino fedora in a GQ photoshoot. You can achieve a similar look by picking up a Stetson Getty Wool Felt Fedora and pairing it with a deep-v sweater.

1. The View From the Top

A pair of trophies and the hat of a champion. This is what a man on top of the world looks like. There might not have been a bigger moment in Lebron’s career than the first time he was crowned an NBA champion and a Finals MVP. We can’t sell you one of these lids, but I think we all know that this is the look that James was born to wear.

Harry Styles and Claiming the Fedora for Millenials

One Direction are an English pop band that formed in 2010 and were second-runners-up in England’s X-Factor music competition. Since then, they’ve established a veritable empire, marking their place in this generations crop of boy bands, possibly usurping Justin Bieber for the coveted tween going on millennial demographic.


Love them or hate them, their success is undeniable and with catchy songs songs, accessible lyrics, and a modern take on the traditional boy-band image (think Backstreet Boys, N Sync) – they were almost destined for it.

Part of the image One Direction has cultivated for themselves can be chalked up to their huge social media presence, and there is perhaps no topic talked about more in 1D fandom than Harry Styles’ headwear.

Styles has taken to wearing a few different modern takes on a classic-dress fedora on stage, in interviews, and in his daily life. Could this mean a resurgence of the fedora for millenials and younger? We’ve taken a few of Styles’ most popular looks and given you a few options to copy his look.


Harry Styles favorite fedora as of late. We can’t tell the exact brand he is wearing, but we’ve got a very close bet with the Dobbs Strand II in pearl.

zourry_com_20140720_11This Harry Styles look is apparently a St. Laurent hat, to the tune of $995. We’ve got you covered for a much more affordable price with our Stetson Silencer Fur Felt Fedora

Warner Music Group and GQ 2014 Summer Party - Arrivals

Harry Styles

This sort of fedora/homburg hybrid has a wide, upturned brim and a thick ribbon to accentuate the crown. We think this Bailey of Hollywood Landis is a pretty similar match.

Carlos Santana’s New Memoir, “The Universal Tone”

Carlos Santana’s career has spanned nearly five decades, 100 million records sold, and 10 Grammy’s won. After moving to the United States from a small town in Mexico, Santana earned his first acclaim in the late 60’s with breakout hit “Samba Pa Ti”, a rendition of a Tito Puente song. In his memoir, “The Universal Tone”, Santana talks about his rise to international music acclaim.


From the Latin-tinged instrumental jams of Santana’s first self-titled release, and second breakthrough album “Abraxas”, all the way to the cameo-filled, Grammy sweeping “Supernatural”, Carlos Santana’s varied, arduous career is one worth reading up on.



Shown wearing a Carlos Santana Essential Fur Fedora

Covering everything from his experiences in Mexico with his father, also a musician, shaping his aspiration to play music, to his first brushes with being an internationally renowned musician, “The Universal Tone” leaves no subject about the life of Carlos Santana untouched.

We’ve selected a few of Santana’s best stage looks, including the iconic, almost-never forgotten fedora that tops his look.



Carlos Santana’s own line of hats, Santana, has a take on this straw fedora. The Carlos Santana Fenix Straw Fedora


The newsboy-cap styled Carlos Santana Shango 8/4 Cap


Straw, western/Panama hybrid Carlos Santana Bora Wide Brim Straw Fedora

The 9th Annual Latin GRAMMY Awards - Press Room

Wearing a similarly styled Carlos Santana Woodstock Fedora

Curated Fashion: Best Fall Looks of 2014

There’s a hat fashion for every season, as you’ve no doubt seen on our Spring 2013 and 2014 posts, and our fall looks post last month. While spring and summer are all about light linens, Panama hats, and the like, fall and winter are dominated by thick fabrics, layering that allows for playful textures. Take a look at these looks that we’ve compiled and our takes on a few hats from us that will help you nail the perfect fall look.

Image by Bee Walker

Starting things off light, this early-fall look couples a wool sweater with a white linen over shirt that helps pull things together in a refined, comfortable look for looking at the leaves turn. For a comparable hat, try our Dobbs Woodmere Wool Felt Fedora



Always classic, the Indiana Jones Last Crusader Fedora takes on a look more attuned with French and Italian fashion than it’s name lends it to too. Rest assured, this hat can be dressed down OR up, as evidenced by this picture.


Straight from the Don Draper style book, this 60’s-era look comes from a time when a man’s 3-piece suit may as well have been considered a 4-piece, as it was simply incomplete without the proper hat. The overcoat on top of the blazer is perfect for keeping your warm on your morning commute to the office, and our Stetson Eagle Fur Felt Fedora will keep you warm up top.


While the fall and early winter certainly give you some leeway on the types of jackets you will put on, when it just gets too cold for denim, a thick, warm jacket of wool and leather will keep the chill off. Seen here worn over a thick sweater, the look is perfect for layering when you arrive at your destination. Coupled with a warm, wide brimmed wool hat, such as our Stetson Raven Fur Felt Fedora.


Sometimes you only need to keep your most cold-sensitive areas warm to stay comfortable on a brisk, but not frigid day. This double breasted suit is set off by a loud, red scarf bundled tight to set this look one step ahead of all-business. Worn with a similarly styled wool Bailey of Hollywood Barr Lanolux.


Sometimes a winter jacket needs to keep you warm AND make a statement. This fur jacket coupled a take on a Stetson Runabout Travel Fur Felt Fedora is the perfect mix of styles.


all photos credit http://www.thesartorialist.com 

For more winter and fall hat styles, see our fall/winter section here: Fall and Winter Hats

‘Justified’ to End It’s 6 Season Run Next Year

‘Justified’, the FX series starring and produced by Timothy Olyphant will conclude its run after next years 6th season.


The series has followed Deputy U.S. Deputy Marshall Raylan Givens, a sort of modern day throwback to old west lawmen, relocated back to his hometown of Harlan County, Kentucky. While the series gained a huge following since it’s debut in 2010, show star and co-producer Tim Olyphant said the decision to end the show came about because he and the producers thought that the story arc throughout the series could be completely satisfied in 6 seasons, and didn’t want the show to become stale.

Iconic to Givens and rarely seen without it is his Stetson hat, seen here:

JUSTIFIED: Timothy Olyphant as Raylan Givens. CR: Frank Ockenfels III / FX


‘Justified’ star Raylan Givens wearing a Stetson Marshall 4X Western Hat



Raylan Givens with season 3 character Ellstin Limehouse, wearing a take on a Scala Grade 3 Panama



Stetson Marshall 4X Western Hat

Olyphant, no stranger to playing shows and characters with a western feel, previously acted on HBO’s Deadwood, as Sherriff and store owner Seth Bullock, seen here in a homburg-style hat: deadwood_the_complete_series_31

Parliament/Funkadelic’s George Clinton Publishes Memoir

Nearly 50 years after the introduction of the funk-music collective dubbed P-Funk in the 1960’s, George Clinton’s memoir, titled “BROTHAS BE, YO LIKE GEORGE, AIN’T THAT FUNKIN’ KINDA HARD ON YOU?”, is a collection of stories, anecdotes, and Clinton’s own musings on life and music.


Known for their wild live performances, genre-bending funk, and incredible musicianship, P-Funk, as it came to be known, was the brainchild of George Clinton, along with a large stable of talented musicians including Bootsy Collins, Bernie Worrell, and Eddie Hazel.

Front Cover001 copy


Over the years, Clinton and company are most notably recognized by their psycadelic stage-costumes, including Clinton’s iconic techni-color hair. In recent years, Clinton has sported a number of hats and fedoras, and in honor of the release of his new memoir, here are a few of the hats Clinton has been spotted wearing over the years:

1979246_10151949431917611_624938370_o 3831_OX601_MAIN_1

Bailey of Hollywood Cloyd Wool Fedora



Bailey of Hollywood Thurman Straw Fedora




Dobbs Fur Felt Nitro Fedora

Cowboy Hats: Myths and Superstition

Historically, cowboy hats have been used for many things. Cowboy hats descended from similar wide brimmed, tall-crown hats of different varieties since as early as the 13th century. But the Cowboy hat popular in the American west is a true icon and has a lot of interesting lore that surrounds it. Did you know that it’s bad luck to lay your hat on your bed? The sport of rodeo has attributed to many of the myths, so here are some of the superstitions and myths that came to surround this great American icon.





Stetson Marshall 4X Western Hat

1.) Laying Your Hat on Your Bed Will Bring Bad luck.

It’s hard to say where this one originated, but it’s safe to say that it has permeated Western and cowboy culture thoroughly. According to the superstition, placing your hat on your bed brings general bad luck to the owner of the hat. It’s said that rodeo cowboys will avoid doing this at all costs, because they believe they will lose their next rodeo if they receive the myths bad luck.


Stetson Grant New Frontier Western Hat

2.) Never Change the Name of Your Horse

Once a horse’s name is set, it should never be changed. This is the saying on many ranches across the US. If the horses name is changed at any point, bad luck will come across that horse.


Stetson Seneca Buffalo Fur Felt Western Hat

3.) Laying Your Hat Upside-Down

Having a proper hat box is essential for storing your cowboy hat. As the superstition goes, your hat should be stored with the opening facing up, so as to “catch luck” inside of it. Alternatively, laying your hat with the opening down allows all the luck to fall out. This myth has roots in rodeo culture as well, as you need all the luck you can take before competing. Stetson and Resistol provide sturdy, branded boxes that store your hat in this manner!


Stetson Griffin 100X Premier Western Hat

4.) Wear Two Different Colored Socks in the Ring

You’ have to have a certain amount of luck every time you jump on a rodeo bull, no matter how skilled you are. This one is about pure luck. It is said that if you wear two different colored socks, you’re better off than wearing a matching pair.


Kingsman: The Secret Service – On Samuel L. Jackson and Hats

There is perhaps no more recognizable actor/celebrity hat pairing than Samuel L. Jackson and Kangol. Since his debut on the film scene, Jackson is one of the reasons Kangol is the household name it is today.


Samuel L. Jackson’s new film, Kingsman: The Secret Service, co-starring Colin Firth and based off of a graphic novel of the same name, is about a secret agent veteran who takes a young protege under his wing.




Recently, Samuel L. Jackson teamed up with Kangol and produced his own line of hats. Here’s a small selection of Jackson’s hats and Kangol’s he has worn over the years:


KANGOL Samuel L. Jackson P2i Golf Tropic 504 Ventair

As seen in the first picture, THE quintessential Samuel L. Jackson Kangol Cap, produced in his signature style.


KANGOL Seamless Wool 507

Similar to the previous hat, this model features a slightly tighter, sleeker body. Made out of seamless wool to keep the heat in, perfect for fall.


KANGOL Furgora Casual

Bucket hats have blown up this year, and this KANGOL is no exception. This faux-fur blend is a fall and winter take on a bucket hat, featuring all the warmth you except from a winter hat in all the style of summer.

colinfirth As seen in the Kingsman: The Secret Service trailer, seen here is a take on this KANGOL cap:


KANGOL Tropic Ventair Spacecap

Oktoberfest: Hats, History, Beer

Oktoberfest is a 16-day long festival that runs from late September to early October. Oktoberfest has a long, long history, beginning in Munich Germany, where the official festival is still held to this day. Oktoberfest began in 1810 initially to celebrate the marriage of Prince Ludwig to Princess Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen. Since then, Oktoberfest has evolved and expanded, with nearly 6.5 million attendees in 2013 and being unofficially celebrated in countries around the world.

In quintessential Oktoberfest fashion, traditional garb consists of a pant/shorts/suspenders hybrid called Lederhosen, and a traditional Bavarian hat called a Tirolerhüte. We’ve collected a few of the best examples of the Tirolerhüte here, and towards the end you’ll see a few of our best options for wearing to your next Oktoberfest celebration.



Memento pins from prior Oktoberfests this person has participated in.



The tufts of hair on traditional Oktoberfest hats are a throwback to goat hair tufts placed on original Bavarian hats that signified wealth.


BEER. Last year, the official Oktoberfest in Munich served more than 6.7 million liters of it!


Beer served at Oktoberfest stick to a strict set of guidelines. It must be brewed in Munich and there are only 6 breweries allowed to brew official Oktoberfest beer.



These hats may look like they fit more in Hogwart’s than Munich, but they still fit in at Oktoberfest.

Here are a few similar options from our site to get you started:


Bailey of Hollywood Yates Litefelt Fedora


Stetson Dorset Fur Felt Fedora


Stetson On Assignment Fur Felt Fedora

Cov-Ver Hats now known as Conner Hats – New Name, Same Great Quality

Recently you may have noticed a change on our site with Cov-Ver brand hats. We still carry their whole line of authentic outback, straw, and felt hats that they are well known for, but their name has changed. Now known as Conner Hats, the name change has a lot to do with their history as a family-owned company and their commitment to providing the highest quality hat they can.


Rewind about 50 years: BC Hats began in the late-60’s, early-70’s when Bill Conner (hence BC) moved to Byron Bay in Australia and began producing authentic, quality Aussie Outback-style hats. The BC Hats name was attached at first to one, simple, classic hat. The Stockman, as it’s referred to, was Australia’s first all-leather hat with a shapeable brim.


BC Hats Stockman Outback Hat

It was when Bill Conner’s son, Will Conner, extended the family business and began not only distributing BC Hats in the United States, but also coming up with his own designs and hats under the name Cov-Ver hats.

“I was deciding what to call my own hat brand and add these to my BC Hat distribution. I considered our family name Conner but I wasn’t sure if I could create as good a quality hat as my dad and at that time I didn’t want the pressure of living up to the family name. I decided on Cov-ver Hats, which turned out very well.”.

However, this year Will Conner is confident that his hats can bare the Conner family name. So while Cov-Ver hats name has changed, the quality and attention to detail put in all hats is better than ever. Here are a few of the designs that has made Cov-Ver and now Conner a household name along with the original BC Hats.


Conner Wool Felt Crushable Outback Hat

This wool-felt take on the traditional Aussie-leather outback hat that made BC Hats famous. This version by Conner is made of a crushable wool-felt material that can be packed away in a bag or suitcase.


Conner Wool Felt Shapeable Western Hat

This wool-felt western-styled hat is waterproof, with a shapeable brim, and that easily recognizable western-cowboy style and a leather hatband.


Conner Sewn Braid Toyo Floppy Hat

Styled in the same way as the quintessential sun-hats you’ve seen on the beach, at music festivals, or hiking on a hot day. The super-wide brims of straw hats like these are perfect for keeping the sun off of your most UV sensitive spots: your face and neck.


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